Our Process

A strategic planning process is a way to create a strong, flexible financial plan.

Our team works diligently with you to execute a financial planning process that is based on two key components of financial planning: asset management and access to funds when needed. A plan must consider the need for liquidity when applicable. A solid plan also considers key stages of life. This can include preparing for events such as retirement, death, education savings, and the possibility of disabilities or critical illnesses.

We start with assessing total financial planning needs. This allows for open communication about obligations and goals and results in a more personalized and strategic plan. We like to develop goal-based financial plans that adjust when needed and address the needs of our clients. We will help you:

  • Define short- and long-term goals.
  • Identify roadblocks or gaps that may impact the plan.
  • Choose the right products and services that are the best fit for your goals.
  • Continually monitor the plan to ensure it addresses your changing needs and circumstances.

What is a Financial Plan and why do I need one?

Financial planning is about far more than just putting away money and hoping to be ready for retirement. It’s about working with a professional to pursue short- and long-term financial goals. It’s about balance, living in the now while preparing for the future. Here are some things we address in our planning process:

  • Help prepare for a independent and comfortable retirement
  • Minimize current taxes
  • Pro-actively manage and control debt
  • Help prepare for Child’s college education
  • Provide for loved ones or heir in the event of death, disability or critical illness.
  • Protect Businesses and their employees