Seminar Summaries

This explores asset allocation in conjunction with your personal financial goals and Risk Tolerance.

Explores strategies for building retirement savings so you can feel more confident about your financial security after you leave the workforce, balancing different financial goals, and preparing your estate plan.

“Kids and Money: Skills for Surviving and Thriving” is an educational seminar designed to help parents teach kids about money, and what principles should be taught at each age range.

Exploring insurance products such as Universal Life, Whole Life, Term Life and Long-Term Care Insurance.

This seminar goes into detail about Medicare Coverage, Medicare Advantage Plan, and Medigap policy. It also covers long-term care; prescription plans and Medicare Part A-Hospital insurance.

Providing insight into investment options and strategies that will help you financially prepare for your future.

Money does not need to control or define a marriage, but it can impact your relationship. “Managing Marriage and Money,” addresses the role of communication in marriage, and how important it is for couples to discuss their values as it relates to spending, saving, investing, and sharing.